These are places online where you can purchase high quality prints of my artwork.

Rabbit Valley

Two Rodents
Printing Group

        "It's wise to learn; it's god-like to create."
                                                            -John Saxe
        It's quite a pleasure to share my ability to create things with others and realize their ideas. Contact me if you're interested on my works...
Jewelry:  I'm always doing commissions on jewelry items. Contact me for details if you're seriously interested. The metals I work with most commonly are gold (any karat) and silver. Lesser metals like copper, brass, bronze are workable but I don't recommend them.   ;)   It also always helps a lot if you have the design you want in mind, since I deal mostly with custom pieces, not mass production of those I've already made. Each item is unique and one-of-a-kind.
Artwork:  I'm currently not doing artwork commissions. I'm still trying to catch up with previous requests and ideas of my own. Sowwy.