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I'm now offering these pawprint charms/pendants in a 'limited edition' series. I'll make up to 100 of each (currently canine and feline are available) and that's it. They are each individually hand made and numbered; the standard ones are Sterling Silver, but I will make them out of gold (yellow/white/rose) upon special request.
I will also customize them for you. These on the photo have a rough surface finishing that I prefer, but I can make them mirror-like. And if you want a symbol of some sort on the paw, like 100_2663.jpg or 100_1423.jpg or something else your imagination comes up with, I can do it for a small extra fee.

The silver ones cost $30 of your precious assets, U.S. shipping included. Contact me at if you want one. You know you do! :)

They make wonderful pendants...
...or little charms to wear wherever you think it's best. I have one in my keychain.

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Thumbnail picture of 100_4111.jpg

100_4111.jpg - 12015 bytes - Oct 16, 2006

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_3301.jpg

100_3301.jpg - 45985 bytes - Dec 4, 2005

Customized pawprint for Zac, with the symbol for "wolf" on the front, and the Greek zeta and initials on the back.

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_3210.jpg

100_3210.jpg - 42354 bytes - Nov 16, 2005

Customized pawprint for Lemur and Razak.

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_3070.jpg

100_3070.jpg - 75254 bytes - Sep 27, 2005

Customized pawprints for Alyaerin and Alister.

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_3041.jpg

100_3041.jpg - 22955 bytes - Sep 18, 2005

Customized pawprints given as wedding gift from Xenia to Amber.

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_3000.jpg

100_3000.jpg - 23704 bytes - Sep 18, 2005

Customized pawprint charm with the Chinese symbol for "honor", for Rezz.

Sterling Silver

Thumbnail picture of 100_2663.jpg

100_2663.jpg - 57767 bytes - May 3, 2005

Customized Pawprint charm with runes for Treth.

Sterling Silver

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