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This is a temporary set up for my jewelry gallery. The full web site will be functional in a few weeks.
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Thumbnail picture of Anniversary 5-Bands Rolling Ring

Anniversary 5-Bands Rolling Ring - 68416 bytes - Apr 29, 2008

When I was approached to make a 50th anniversary present, I came up with the idea of using a Russian Rolling Ring design, which is typically composed of 3 interwoven bands, but I would make mine with 5 bands, each symbollically representing a decade of my client's marriage (with engraving inside). The idea was approved, and here is the result!
While this is practically and symbollically a ring for the finger, it's actually intended to be worn as a pendant, and I must say it looks quite charming and unique as one.

More pictures of this ring:

18k Yellow Gold

Thumbnail picture of Autumnfox Ring

Autumnfox Ring - 88194 bytes - Apr 23, 2008

This ring was designed and commissioned by Cassandra and it's been so far the longest drawn-out project I ever worked on for anyone, by my own fault. Endless interruptions and unforeseen events caused me to be shamefully off-schedule.
But it's finally complete and I'm back on track!
She wanted "autumnfox" engraved on the inside of the ring, so I decided to refer to it as the Autumnfox Ring.

More pictures of this ring:

14k Rose Gold; .47ct Diamond; Tiny Little Ruby

Thumbnail picture of Tom's Ring

Tom's Ring - 71986 bytes - Dec 15, 2007

Puzzle ring made to accomodate a platinum band that we did not want to size down.

More pictures of this ring:

Platinum; 14k Yellow Gold

Thumbnail picture of Flock of Doves

Flock of Doves - 49492 bytes - Dec 10, 2007

What do you do for Christmas presents when you have four daughters? You give them each one of these!

14k Yellow Gold

Thumbnail picture of 100_6073.jpg

100_6073.jpg - 108284 bytes - Nov 15, 2007

Wide white gold band.

14k White Gold

Thumbnail picture of Heart of the Minotaur

Heart of the Minotaur - 57068 bytes - Aug 6, 2007

This is a re-make of 100_3836.jpg, commissioned by Rog's boyfriend (who gave it its name), to replace the original one which was stolen from her house. This one however, was made of white gold and a blue sapphire.

14k White Gold; 1.2ct Sapphire

Thumbnail picture of 100_5404.jpg

100_5404.jpg - 73924 bytes - Jul 23, 2007

The "Holy Spirit dove", as a pendant.

14k Yellow Gold

Thumbnail picture of Alister's Rings

Alister's Rings - 63018 bytes - Jun 2, 2007

Alister's wedding rings, with stylized wolves designed by Sidney Eileen, running all around the bands.

14k White Gold

Thumbnail picture of Half-Eternity Band

Half-Eternity Band - 33508 bytes - Mar 17, 2007

This ring was made as an experiment, my first attempt at channel setting diamonds. Came out pretty well if you ask me.
It was auctioned off on eBay.

More pictures of this ring:

14k Yellow Gold; 0.02ct x11 Diamonds

Thumbnail picture of Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum Engagement Ring - 16461 bytes - Mar 10, 2007

This is just a standard solitaire engagement ring on the design, but it's my first work in Platinum, so it deserves to be posted here as well with my other, not-so-standard works.

Platinum; 1/2ct Diamond

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